Diane’s Maldives

Written by Diane Kordas


Posted on February 18 2019

Six Senses Laamu the five star eco-friendly resort  in The Maldives

It’s a long, arduous trip—three planes and a boat—but when we finally arrived and one of the crew asked for our shoes (not to be returned to us until we left) all the pain of travel was forgotten. Six Senses Laamu the five star eco-friendly resort  in The Maldives is a proper desert island paradise to truly detach and unwind from “real” life. Sustainability is important to myself and my family and Six Senses with its deeply eco friendly, zero-waste ethos and commitment to protecting the marine environment ticked every box.  

Beach cottages in Laamu resort  in The Maldives

The no-shoe policy extended to dressing up—or rather the lack of it. An Eres Bikini with a slick of Alexander Soveral lip balm and Maryiam Zamani moisturizer for day, a floaty silk Kalita halterneck for night. Every morning we’d wake up in our sprawling thatched- roof bungalows—one for my daughters, one for myself and my husband—looking out onto the powdery white sand and glittering azure water and lazily ponder our choices for the day. To paddleboard? To scuba? To canoe? They even have martini-making classes here. One of the highlights—asides from the super fresh sushi and delicious local Maldivian food and signature Ron Lassie cocktails (rum, mango, yoghurt, honey and cinnamon)—had to be snorkelling on the reef where we saw schools of Manta Rays and bales of disinterested local sea turtles and all sorts of species and fluorescent colours I never knew even existed. The experience not only inspired some of my designs for this year but made me realise just how crucial it is to preserve our oceans and work with sustainable and eco-friendly products. We will be back.

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