FT's GEM UP - Why Luxury Clients are Reaching for Fine Jewellery - Vivienne Becker

Written by Diane Kordas


Posted on October 06 2020

Financial Times 'Gem Up - Why Luxury Clients are reaching for Fine Jewellery' - Vivienne Becker

"As uncertainty rippled across the globe, jewellery showed signs of reverting to one of its most essential roles: a safe haven and store of wealth in times of crisis. Jewellery and its intrinsically valuable components, namely gold and gemstones, stood out again – representing security, stability, longevity and continuity. In light of the global economic turmoil, they also offered the potential of an alternative asset class. Coupled with these “hard” values were the purely joyous properties of jewels: they’re uplifting, life-enhancing, escapist, unlikely to go out of style next season – something to be enjoyed impulsively and viscerally, or savoured and studied during our incarceration."